The Cooperation Committee - a value-creating dialogue forum I (open basic course)

The course is designed for you, who are a new or newer member, deputy or otherwise working with a collaboration committee. It lasts one day from 9-16 and is held online. The courses is held across government workplaces.

What do you get out of the course?

  • You will clarify the background and purpose of the SU system
  • You will be clarified with the key provisions in the collaboration agreement that regulate the SU work, including roles and obligations for management and employee representatives, respectively.
  • You will be completely sharp on SU’s subject field and the content of the SU work
  • You will be introduced to what characterizes "the good collaboration"
  • You get inspiration from other participants from other government workplaces

What can you answer when you get home from the course?

  • Why? - The purpose of SU’s work and the central importance of dialogue
  • Who? - The roles and obligations as a member of SU
  • What? - The subject field and content of SU's work
  • How? - How commitments and meeting activities are related to value creation

How is the teaching?

The teaching puts your active learning at the center and is a combination of:

  • Teacher presentation - So you can understand the SU agreement and the technical framework in the work
  • Group work - Exercises after presentations, which will train your skills in how to use the collaboration agreement
  • One-man work - So you get clarified what the values and intentions of the collaboration are and should be in your own workplace
  • Dialogues and discussion - So you can exchange experiences on the entire course team


1800 kr.

The price includes course materiel.


7 hours.


Registration by the course calendar.


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