SU-Seminar in English for new members

This seminar is for you if you have recently become a member or a deputy member of the SU (Joint Consultation Committee) or work with the SU in some other capacity, and if you prefer to be taught in English. The seminar lasts a day and will be held:

  • in Copenhagen on September 22
  • in Aarhus on October 1.

Check out the course calendar and register here.

What will you get out of the seminar?

  • An understanding of the roles and obligations of both the management representatives and the employee representatives in the SU.
  • An understanding of the way in which the SU can be a value-adding forum for the whole workplace.
  • Inspiration for the practical work of the SU through exercises and exchange of experience with other members.

The seminar will aim to make you aware of the part you play as a member of a SU and give you a fundamental understanding of the committee’s work and tasks. You will also gain an insight into the potential as well as the limitations of a collaborative effort, and you will be introduced to actions and efforts that might improve a collaboration. The specific content will be organized around the following headlines and themes:

The aim of the SU

  • Why do we have the SU?
  • What is the purpose and value of the SU?
  • Roles, expectations and support work.

The formal framework of the SU

  • The scope of the SU (managerial rights).
  • The duty to inform (what, where, when).

The tasks of the SU

  • What themes could and should we work with?
  • How could and should we work with them?
  • How do we mobilize our colleagues? SU’s duty to inform.

The successful SU collaboration

  • A positive forum for discussion and collaboration (how do we create a great collaborative environment?)
  • The SU meetings (how do we ensure a constructive dialogue and successful meetings?)
  • Relations and different abilities (what can we expect from each other?)
  • Conflicts and shared goals (what do we want to focus on?)


What will the seminar be like?

The seminar will focus on active learning and will be a combination of:

  • Introductory presentations by the teacher – to help you understand the Cooperation Agreement and the committee’s technical framework.
  • Group work – introductions followed by exercises that will train your skills in putting the Cooperation Agreement to use.
  • Individual exercises – clarifying the values and intentions of the cooperation, and how you can apply them to your own workplace.
  • Dialogues and discussion – giving all participants the opportunity to exchange experiences.

How long?

The seminar is a day course beginning at 9 am and ending at 4 pm in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

How much?

DKK 1,800 plus VAT per participant. The charge includes course materials and catering throughout the day.

Who will be teaching?

Your teacher will be Niels Bundgaard. Niels has extensive teaching experience and has hosted seminars at governmental institutions all around Denmark. He has taught English-language seminars at, among other places, Copenhagen International School, The Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. In addition, he is a seasoned neutral negotiator and advisor for both management representatives and employee representatives in matters regarding the Cooperation Agreement.


You can register for the seminar through the course calendar.


Kontakt vores kursussekretær på telefonnr. 70272321 eller mail: Pia@samarbejdssekretariatet.dk


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